Game of the Week 1 – Red Dead Redemption

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Interactive music in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption has an interactive music score which using vertical remixing (layering).  Although the specific music cues are frequently controlled by the location, the individual music layers are controlled by the player actions or situation.  Below is a gameplay capture featuring music only with the dialog and sfx removed.

YouTube Video Music-Only Playthrough


YouTube Video Describing the Score for Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar Feature on the Soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Web Site Grab Small







Red Dead Redemption on Top Score: Interview with Bill Elm by Emily Reese, Minnesota Public Radio
June 23, 2011
On the other hand…

Two articles on Kotaku which discuss how turning off the music altogether may be a better experience (they both mention Red Dead Redemption).  Does this have anything to do with the choice to compose all the music in A minor at 130 bpm?

The Year I Gained The Courage To Ignore Video Game Music by Stephen Totilo 

Some Video Games Are Better Without Music by Kirk Hamilton